Epsen Fuller In The News

AESC Taps New Managing Director, Finance & Administration

The Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants (AESC), the professional association representing retained executive search consulting firms worldwide, has tapped new financial leadership with the appointment of Frank Petruzzo, as Managing Director of Finance & Administration.

Why Great Companies Welcome Change

If they have the right attitude, leaders can utilize change as an opportunity to innovate and grow. According to Inc., there are certain ways companies can embrace change for the better.

Lessons CEOs Can Teach the next US President

The next US president will, in effect, become the CEO of many powerful institutions. After analyzing iconic companies who have undergone a similar transition, McKinsey has put forth 12 lessons the private sector can teach the next United States president and cabinet move forward in a position way.

Pokemon Go Growth Strategy Won’t Work For All

Regardless of whether you are part of what has become something of a cultural marvel, there are some important teachings to be gained by companies from this social phenomenon. According to Venture Beat, many of these indicate the success seen with Pokémon Go is not easily reproduced.

c-suite moves

Harley-Davidson Adds Directors to its Board

Harley-Davidson, Inc. announced the election of Maryrose Sylvester and Brian Niccol to the company’s board of directors, effective today. Sylvester is President and CEO of Current, powered by GE, and Niccol is CEO of Taco Bell Corp.

NACD NJ Chapter Strengthens Board Leadership

The National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD), the recognized authority on leading boardroom and corporate governance practices, has elected Thomas J. Fuller, Epsen Fuller Group CEO & Managing Partner, to serve as Independent Board Director.


Running Better Board Meetings

Productive Boardroom meetings are a key sign of a high performing board. However, many boards finds themselves tied up in board meetings that are neither productive nor efficient.