Servant Leadership Leads to Record Profits

Servant Leadership Leads to Record Profits

Servant leadership, the concept of putting the people in the organization ahead of the decision-maker’s own interests, can produce especially compelling results. Popeyes Chicken CEO Cheryl Bachelder recently expounded on the benefits of this method.

Turning Business Strategy & Big Ideas into Results

Turning Big Ideas into Practical Business Changes

When an ambitious business strategy ends up going nowhere, it doesn’t matter how well-crafted the plan was. All big ideas are only as good as the execution that puts them into place. The key is to refocus on bottom-up adoption of new strategies to ensure results.

A Centered CEO Can Deliver Business Results

A Centered CEO Can Inspire Workers

Leading a business means leveraging one’s best qualities and inspiring others to follow along. Achieving this effect can come down to being centered, with situational awareness enabling managers to get strong buy-in from their teams.

Business metrics have changed

Vital business metrics have changed

Every company needs an accurate read on how well its key offerings perform. As industries evolve over time, businesses could end up trapped and limited by relying on the same metrics year after year