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Over 70% are
repeat clients

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93% retention rate
beyond 2 years

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Over 40% of
placements are women
and diversity hires

The difference between success and failure is the quality of the leadership at every level of the organization.



Over 70% are
repeat clients


Over 40% of
placements are women
and diversity hires

The difference between success and failure is the quality of the leadership at every level of the organization.


Over 70% are
repeat clients


93% retention rate
beyond 2 years


Over 40% of placements
are women and
diversity hires

The difference between success and failure is the quality of the leadership at every level of the organization.

Because proven performers aren’t actively looking for you.

Acquiring great leadership requires the proven science of assessing leaders and understanding their specific leadership characteristics. It is the art of applying this knowledge to each specific executive or Board Position that is critical to successful leadership acquisition.

Research shows that companies adept at recruiting deliver 3.5 times the revenue growth and 2x the EBITDA as those that miss the mark on recruiting.

If you have mission critical objectives that require the very best leaders, you have to find them, because they aren’t looking for you.

The proven performers, the top 5%-10%, are happily and gainfully employed and ensconced in meeting their own challenges; they aren’t surfing LinkedIn or other social media looking for a job.

Our clients recognize the excessive cost in time, real money, and lost opportunity of making a bad hire. They seek proven performers and passive candidates who can deliver on their strategic objectives.

So, do your internal leaders have the time, capacity, proven methodology, or expertise needed to execute a truly successful executive search?

Clarity and insight throughout the decision-making process.

Epsen Fuller has been a market leader and innovator in executive and board search since 1997.

We firmly believe that a search should be conducted only by practitioners who intimately know the industry, the issues facing the position, the candidates capable of delivering on your business objective while effectively operating within the culture of your organization.

Our groundbreaking Performance Based AssessmentSM methodology provides the most holistic assessment on the market today, giving you insight into candidates’ capabilities and competencies, as well as clarity on how each is aligned to the role.

Strategic advisors with a vast global network.

We act as strategic advisors to the Boards, CEO’s and senior business leaders with whom we work, becoming an extension of our clients’ organizations, focused on enabling them to meet every challenge and exceed their objectives. In doing so, we are entrusted with proprietary and confidential information which is always held in our strictest confidence.

A partner in IMD International Search Group, we capitalize on our global footprint with more than 40 offices in major markets throughout the world and access to a vast network of US and global leadership candidates.

Our process is different…Very different…
and your strategic advantage.

We bring clarity, build consensus,
inspire confidence and deliver results.

The Performance Based AssessmentSM

Define the Needs

  • Performance Objectives
  • Leadership Competencies
  • Company Culture
  • Target Identification

Facilitate clarity and consensus among the key stakeholders on the performance objectives of the executive position, including the unique priorities, challenges, and opportunities that characterize success in the role.

Market the Role

  • Global Network
  • Market Mapping
  • Influence Passive Talent
  • Define Short List

Marketing the opportunity with our unique e-Zine format, we identify and approach every relevant individual within competitor organizations and other markets. Sometimes the right leader comes from an unexpected place.

Deep-dive Assessment

  • Achievements
  • Industry/Functional Knowledge
  • Behavioral Traits
  • Leadership Competencies
  • Motivations

Deep and perceptive assessments ensure the final slate includes only those who excel in their field and demonstrate the right ‘fit’, as well as the skills and competencies that will lead to success in the position.

Present Interview Slate

  • Detailed 5-part Dossiers
  • Reference Interviews
  • Offer Negotiation & Acceptance

Serving as our Clients’ Advocate, we provide insight and counsel while maintaining candidate momentum, and facilitating the construction of a compelling offer, ensuring successful negotiations and candidate acceptance.

Close the Deal

  • Client Debrief
  • Facilitate Candidate Transition
  • On-Going Interaction
  • Performance Check-ins

Deliver thoughtful and concise communication to all candidates and sources on the project results, while maintaining ongoing post-hire follow-up with client and candidate.

A dynamic search experience that attracts, accurately assesses, and closes top talent.

Board Director Search in Focus

Exceptional Board leadership is a powerful strategic asset, and there is little margin for error in the selection of directors. Today’s Directors must be hands-on, engaged and strategic, and held to a higher standard that is “beyond fiduciary”. Epsen Fuller’s Board team assists leading edge companies, and those aspiring to be so, in identifying, attracting, developing, and enhancing exceptional Board leadership.





Epsen Fuller Group is a US partner in IMD
International Search Group, a top 20
executive search organization.

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