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Culture & Change Management

Alignment to strategy

Alignment to strategy drives high
performance, cascading down into
every level... motivates teams to
``walk the talk`` in their daily activity.

Leadership Assessment & Competency Mapping

Delivers actionable insight

When faced with a vital inflection
point in your organization, gain in-
depth insight into executive talent
and identify the critical gaps.

Executive Coaching & Acceleration

Drive peak performance

Hands-on coaching converts
acquired knowledge into skilled
mastery, accelerating performance
and impacting your teams.

Culture is particularly difficult.

Misaligned culture will impede business performance, damage reputation, discourage employee engagement and invite activist shareholders.

Research shows that culture is “the difference that makes the difference”.

Epsen Fuller’s cultural framework and diagnostic tools help companies understand their current culture, identify the cultural ‘desired state’ to support their business strategy, and use these insights to enhance Board, leadership, and team dynamics.

Identifying Your Cultural Framework

Identifying your cultural framework provides:
  • An objective and validated measure of how culture is recognized and insight into the dominant culture of your organization
  • An assessment of the discrepancy between current and preferred culture
  • A comparison before and after reengineering, change, or merger
  • Clarity of the preferred culture as a preliminary point for a change initiative

Culture is ordinarily experienced as ‘second nature’ or ‘that’s how we do things here’; that’s why a description of it is not easy, while changing culture is even harder.

Leadership Assessment Delivers Actionable Insight.

When critical leadership decisions must be made — whether due to a merger or acquisition, re- structuring, new strategy or growth initiative, a transition in CEO or division leadership, or identifying CEO and C-Suite successor candidates – you can make these decisions confidently and avoid costly mistakes when applying in-depth insight into executive talent.

Our assessment experts accurately assess senior executive teams at these critical moments, developing a talent map of your executive team and giving you actionable information.

Beyond the boilerplate assessment programs that proliferate in the market, our panel of assessment experts deliver the only multi-method, customized executive assessment approach that is highly predictive of leadership success.

We combine an evaluation of business and functional proficiency and with our proprietary measurement of Leadership Quotient (LQ) — the behavioral competencies that enable superior executive performance in a specific role.

Understand the critical gaps with our Leadership Competency Map

Assessments are most commonly used when faced with these vital inflection

  • CEO & C-Suite Succession/ Transition
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Strategic Reorganization
  • New Growth Initiatives
  • Senior Team Effectiveness

Our assessment approach provides accurate and objective information about key executives’ Background and Skillset, Behavioral Competencies and Motivators, enabling you to make informed leadership decisions.

Executive coaching dramatically improves performance.

Recent research from Stanford shows that two-thirds of chief executives don’t get any coaching or leadership advice from outside their companies, yet nearly 100% of those bosses say they wish that they did.

Similar to elite athletes, even the best-of-the-best CEOs and senior executives have their blind spots. Infact, they could dramatically leverage their strengths, improve performance and be more effective leaders with an outside perspective.

Through a highly personalized one-on-one relationship, executives identify their core challenges, define their starting point and map the road to their desired ‘future state’.

Coaching is typically used to address leadership development, management change, team alignment, and motivational skills.

Executives are pushed to stretch themselves to reach higher goals and maximize potential.

Accelerate performance aligned with your business objectives.

Our clients report visible results:

  • Increased Team Accountability
  • Effective Leadership & Motivation
  • Stronger Influence & Impact
  • Commitment To Strategic Goals
  • Enhanced Self-confidence, Drive &
    Personal Balance

Our team of Certified Coaches offers strong business acumen, senior management experience, and consulting expertise that spans a diverse range of geographies, industries, functions, and leadership levels.

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