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Tom Fuller Honored with AESC’s Eleanor Raynolds Award

Thomas J. Fuller, CEO & Managing Partner of Epsen Fuller Group, was recently honored by the global industry association, Association for Executive Search & Leadership Consultants (AESC), with the Eleanor Raynolds Award, recognizing him for his long-standing excellence in executive search combined with a strong commitment to the community and volunteerism for charitable organizations.

Ungoverned incompetence

Ungoverned incompetence

When companies operate with minimal oversight, mistakes have a way of happening. Boards that engage in problem-finding and search for potential issues can root out faults before they damage the business

Is your Board ready for Trump?

Is your Board ready for Trump?

With a new administration moving into the White House, and the political climate more uncertain than ever, it’s important for corporate leaders to develop their strategies

Facing the 'zombie director' dilemma

Facing the zombie director dilemma

Some companies may be holding onto voting systems that don’t reflect actual changes in shareholder viewpoints nor the future needs of the company, ending up with board directors who were rejected by more than half of voters, “zombies” with questionable leadership mandates.

The usual uncertainty that comes with managing corporate boards

Managing corporate boards in a chaotic world

The usual uncertainty that comes with managing corporate boards in these fast-paced times has gone into high gear in recent years. Thus far, the forecast for 2017 seems like one of the most volatile eras in a long time.