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Crowd Sourcing Week

Crowdsourced innovation

Crowdsourced innovation, collective intelligence (AI + HI), and a 10x mindset is needed in order for organizations to become the engine of innovation. Crowdsourcing Week Summit D.C. connects you with top experts in crowdsourcing, crowd innovation and blockchain enabled economy.

Tom Fuller Honored with AESC’s Eleanor Raynolds Award

Thomas J. Fuller, CEO & Managing Partner of Epsen Fuller Group, was recently honored by the global industry association, Association for Executive Search & Leadership Consultants (AESC), with the Eleanor Raynolds Award, recognizing him for his long-standing excellence in executive search combined with a strong commitment to the community and volunteerism for charitable organizations.

Board & C-Suite Diversity Still Lagging

Gender Diversity Still Lagging

A detailed analysis of 159 New Jersey public companies, representing a broad cross-section of industries and company size, as defined by market capitalization, showing that that there is still a persistent gap in male and female representation on Boards and in C-Suites in the corporate sector.

What can mindfulness do for a leadership team?

What can mindfulness do for a leadership team?

When it comes to mental fortitude, collaborative thinking and leadership in complex circumstances, mindfulness training can lead to better leadership performance. If embraced as a potential for transformation, there are significant benefits to reap.