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Convergence throughout the technology, communications and media sectors is shaping the challenges, and opportunities, facing today’s companies.

The pervasive spread of Web 3.0 and disruptive technologies – from Cloud, BigData, and FinTech, to SaaS, Mobility, and CyberSecurity – is allowing companies of all sizes to acquire and build relationships with customers in a targeted, cost-effective and personalized manner, drive unheard of operational efficiencies, and broaden markets across the globe.

The transformation of media and delivery of content across digital channels is reshaping the industry as we know it. With the emergence of new technologies, traditional media has been infused with an interactive power, making way for increased revenues and market expansion. Faced with this reality, you need truly transformational talent.

We build and maintain relationships with disruptive trendsetters.

Working with technology, communications and media companies, truly focused on ‘all things Digital’, we work with F500 and mid-cap enterprises as well as venture-backed start-ups, with an integrated approach bringing our industry insight, broad network of personal relationships and global database to deliver exceptional candidates.

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Our Breadth & Depth in Tech-Digital-Media

Mobile Tech 70%
Semiconductor 60%
Digital 80%
Cloud & Storage 60%
Emerging Tech 60%
Defence & Aerospace 60%
Software & Services 90%
Strategy & BD 60%
Finance 70%
Operations 65%
Regulatory & Compliance 60%
R&D/ Engineering 65%
Commercial 65%
Board & Corporate Functions 65%

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